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Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Cocktails to Warm You from the Inside

Horrible horrible horrible customer service. Stay away from Advisar doors at all costs. Apparently a great product if you are lucky enough to get it delivered right the first time. If not, strap in for a roller coaster of excuses. 17K in doors and we receive a defective product that wont close or seal properly, trim that is the wrong size and months of waiting while our home looks like a crime scene. We are considering paying another installer to rip these doors out and send them back in their current unfinished state.

Update: Mike from Advisar responded to my concerns that Im willing to take my complaints to BBB and Consumer Affairs with “go ahead, make your complaint, take it up with your contractor”. And then further advised that the doors are indeed defective and will likely need to be replaced with newly manufactured doors. This company does not seem to care about the product they make or the consumer that purchases it. Mike followed up with a personal call to me to let me know they are remanufacturing the doors and will be ready to remove the defective doors and install new in 6 more weeks.

Messina's drink and appetizer pairing

Drink and Appetizer Pairings for the Ultimate Cocktail Party

It’s no secret that an open bar will add to the festivities for any catered event or a wedding. Sure, Uncle Bob is prone to Maker’s Mark and ginger ale, or your corporate guests might order a Moscow Mule because it’s trendy, but offering a limited drink menu that pairs each with a specific appetizer …

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How to Choose Wine for Your Event

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures” notes Michael Broadbent, British Master of Wine and critic.  Wine is an integral component of any occasion. With so many varieties, selecting the right for your event may seem daunting. Before calling on your nearest sommelier, Messina’s Catering and …

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