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After 60 years of experience becoming experts in the business, we know what it takes to host spectacular events. We are a full-service New Orleans event planning and catering company that has helped to host some of the region’s top food and music festivals. We have a deep understanding of the nature of festivals, and how crowds can ebb and flow with entertainment schedules. We understand how best to lay out food and beverage hospitality spaces for the best flow. We know what it takes to ensure large numbers of guests experience a high-level of service and leave with a memorable experience. We’ve built our reputation on it.
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Messina’s serves up the most efficient bars, the finest pours of craft beer, top-shelf liquor, and award-winning wines. We serve as a trusted provider for local festivals due to our strict focus on employee training. Our staff is diligently trained on alcohol policies, and is ServeSafe and Responsible Vendor trained, TIPS trained and TEAM technique trained.

We know how to keep the New Orleans spirts flowing in a responsible way, while keeping guests happy!


From preparing and serving the food to coordinating the equipment for participating local restaurants and chefs, Messina’s is the muscle behind many New Orleans festivals. We have three commissaries and catering sales operations, one in New Orleans, one in Metairie and the other in Kenner. We have a fleet of Messina’s branded trucks including lift-gate trucks, kitchen trucks as well as refrigerated trucks to service large-scale off-site catering events. We also own full-size vans, pick-up trucks, portable convection ovens, portable fryers, portable grills, portable hot boxes, portable steam wells, jambalaya iron kettles with stands, popcorn machines, portable ice cream freezers, cocktails on tap machines, portable bars and tents. We also have a carefully curated list of local vendors we work with for additional needs.
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Messina’s is proud to have managed some of New Orleans’ most prominent festivals including: