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9 Top Trends to Discuss with your Wedding Caterers

Trends evolve year after year, which keeps things fun and fresh! We like to think that trends don’t replace each other, they build on each other year after year. That means that each year, the roster of available wedding ideas grows and grows! One of the overarching trends we love is the level of customization we’re seeing towards the couple. From the date to the venue, to the favors, to the food and the bar; couples are infusing their own unique touches to their weddings that really make it all about them and their history together. Below is a sample of some of the food and beverage wedding trends that are currently being discussed by wedding caterers, planners and designers alike.


2018 saw the rise of informality, consider Meghan and Harry served bowl food reception! More and more couples are opting for a more relaxed catering menu and experience for their big day. ( Couples are trending towards sharable comfort-style foods that represent them or their history. Think beer flights from the town the couple is from or lobster rolls from couples who honeymooned in New England. Besides, who could say no to a fresh peach cobbler from a couple who met at college in Georgia!

Mix n Mingle Catering and Event Formats

Couples are looking for more interaction, more conversation and more engagement amongst their guests. And, food is an international way to bring people together! Cocktail style and stations are not going anywhere anytime soon. Many are asking for roaming food bars and tavern-style seating to bring guests closer and build a buzz of conversation. Couples are looking for fun, spontaneity and a carefree feel for their special day. They prefer to have their guests peruse available food options so they can try lots of different foods.

They are also looking for more interactive food. We’re seeing more requests for a chef’s live oyster station with the chef shucking, and preparing different oyster dishes to a guacamole bar with a chef muddling fresh ingredients at the station. It’s fun to watch, and highlights the freshness of the food!

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A Dash of Global Culture

Couples are looking to bring more culture and flair into their ingredients, including showcasing traditional dishes from each family’s home country. We’re seeing more multicultural catering menus that celebrate the couple’s family history. The entire menu doesn’t necessarily have to reflect one or two cultural themes; however, couples are enjoying incorporating unique elements into a standard menu.

Fermented foods from around the globe are also having a moment. Think kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, and other foods. These items feel trendy, healthy, and carefully made, and guests will pick up on the effort put into these dishes.

Food for a Cause

Mainly driven by millennials, clients want to provide their guests with more of an experience in their food. They want their food purchasing decision to help the world. For example, buying a product and in turn, the supplier feeds the hungry. They also want their food to have a story, for example, pasta with mushrooms that the chef purchased at a local farmers market. Organic ingredients are still incredibly popular, with couples requesting in-season and ethically sourced food to serve to their guests. Meatless options are also still on the rise. Couples care about where their food comes from and are looking to share that experience with their guests.

Dessert Drama

wedding catererWe are seeing more and more couples shy away from the typical wedding cake and go for a more unique dessert presentation. Bride requests are getting more creative with dessert installations like doughnut walls and cupcake towers, milk and cookie tables, and chef dessert stations like bananas foster flambé.

Bite-Size Bash

When it comes to the cocktail hour, it’s all about the bite-size presentation. We are seeing more and more out-of-the-box ideas on catering menus! From grilled cheese and tomato soup in a shot glass to shrimp and grits in a tasting spoon, no experience is off-limits in bite-size form.

Late Night Comfort Foods

While late-night snacks are certainly nothing new, new trends include more sophisticated requests. Typical sliders and pizza are being replaced by unique eats that reflect the couple’s favorite comfort foods. Couples are looking to replicate their favorite night spots like dumplings, ramen, and Nashville Hot Chicken or even breakfast! Interactive displays can be incorporated including a make your own mac n cheese martini bar or a chef-led quesadilla station.

But First, Brunch

Brunch has become much more popular lately because daytime weddings tend to be less costly than dinnertime. Also, brunch is the most trending meal time period! We are seeing lots of brides plan their brunch weddings with rose, baby pancake stations, mimosas, bloody mary bars, and omelet stations. (lowpricebud)


Nostalgia is dominating the food and beverage scene. Couples are turning to their childhood favs they grew up with, or ones they enjoyed while dating. Think rock candy cocktails or and breakfast for dinner! Touches like this help make for a great, and memorable conversation starter for guests!

To Wrap Up

We are seeing most couples shy away from the traditional sit-down dinner and moving more towards fun and lighthearted fare. We love these special requests, and are even incorporating them into our menus! The key is that no event is the same! Whether your style is fun, romantic, classic, or elegant, Messina’s Catering and Events has you covered! Get some fresh new ideas from our catering menus.


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