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Catering and Event Spaces with a View

Whether choosing an indoor or outdoor catering and event space, the view can make a big difference! A picturesque view offers its own characteristics that help to define a special event! Plus, it’s nice to offer your guests something enjoyable to look at and experience during the event. From rooftop terraces to mountainside retreats and beachfront vistas, there is an unlimited number of backdrops that guarantee a swoon-worthy event!

Make Guests Feel Special

Hosting your event at a location with a view gives guests the opportunity to experience something they may not normally have been able to experience on their own. When guests feel something is unique or special, that’s when the selfies and social media posts happen. Be sure to encourage this by providing a great space for photos. Also, make information about the venue readily available. If your event is being held in a historic building’s rooftop terrace provide signage or information on the menus about the building and its history. If your event is overlooking a winery, provide information about the wine labels the grapes go into, what varietals are grown, and the size of the property. These “interesting facts” help guests feel in the know and ensure a memorable experience that they won’t soon forget! (Zolpidem)

Optimize Décor Placement

Strategizing the arrangement of décor or food stations ensures guests get the best glimpses of the scenery at your catering and event space. For example, situate the bar or a key food station near the best vantage point to ensure guests don’t miss out! Plus, it ensures they are not focusing on the bar or food line they are waiting in!

Make Best Use of the Natural Scenery

Use complementary color scheme with hues found within your view, rather than competing with them. For example, utilize soft blues and greens to accentuate the color palette found in a waterfront setting. Using colors and textures you would find naturally in the surrounding view will only serve to enhance the overall experience.

Also, choose a catering menu that takes cues from your natural scenery. Choose local seafood for waterfront settings, local wines for a winery location and local cuisine for sweeping rooftop city views.

Take a Minimalist Approach

When you choose a catering and event venue with a jaw-dropping view, you can let the view speak for itself and not spend a fortune on décor and floral. By letting the scenery take center stage, you also save money on your overall event budget!

Finding Your Venue with a View

Let your fingers do the looking! Whether you are hosting a wedding or not, utilize websites such as and to search venues by type such as rooftops and lofts, beaches, gardens, etc. Also, Google venues with a view to see what pops up in your area.

Check out Messina’s new The Rooftop on Basin, New Orleans’ newest rooftop venue! Perched atop the historic Basin St. Station overlooking the French Quarter, the venue offers a spectacular view of the New Orleans city skyline. (floorshields)

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