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Planning An Event At Home? Leave The Catering To The Pros.

Planning an event whether it’s a baby shower for 20 or a silver wedding anniversary celebration for 200, delegating the catering to the pros can be the best way to please your guests while lightening your load.  Many people operate under the misconception that in-home catering is too expensive or that they don’t have enough people on their guest list to merit it.  But neither could be further from the truth. (   When you factor in top-shelf ingredients and the skill and time it will take to prep, create and serve, hiring a professional event caterer like the Knot’s Best of 2020 New Orleans Caterer Messina Catering and Events can be one of the smartest choices you can make for any event at home.

Consider your personal preferences and needs.

Comfort Food

Professional caterers can not only take the menu planning and food prep tasks off your to-do list, they can also help guide the overall tone of the event.  For instance, perhaps you can satisfy a smaller crowd with a mix of passed hors d’oeuvres and chef stations instead of serving plated dinners.  You should also look for a caterer with experience in catering in-home events, like Messina’s Catering & Events.  Messina’s has two commissaries and catering sales operations, one in New Orleans and one in Kenner.  When one or several from their fleet of branded trucks rolls into your driveway, you can feel good knowing that your guests are going to be given five-star service and the award-winning fare that has made Messina’s preferred for any in-home event for 58 years.

Planning The ingredients are just the beginning. 

Chances are, you don’t have wind-proof silver chafers, heat lamps or butcher block carving station boards stored away for your next in-home event.  But catering companies do.  They can also offer tips on themes and décor to make your event even more memorable—such as Messina’s Crawfish Zydeco Pasta chef’s station for a bayou-themed bachelor’s party.  Or maybe healthy, tasty Vegan options like passed fig and goat cheese flatbread or something decadent like gourmet three-cheese fries would be just the right touches for a college graduation celebration?  Plus, experienced caterers know how to set up the menu items and presentation so that they’ll complement your event’s theme without overpowering your space.

Be sure to inquire about the preparation and method of delivery.

Be sure to find out what will be cooked off-site and delivered to your home and what items will be prepared using either your kitchen or their equipment. That’s why the more popular catering companies in the New Orleans area like Messina’s offer equipment like cocktail-on-tap machines, portable bars, tents, convection ovens and more, allowing them to pre-prep in their commercial kitchens and deliver the items to your home so they’ll be ready to finish and serve.  They even have pre-planned menus that are tailored to specific events, like their shower packages that include everything from china and glassware to tables and linens and chairs along with a tempting array of catering menu items to fit the occasion.

Read customer reviews before making your decision.

It nearly takes an act of Congress to remove a bad Google review for good reason.  They are supposed to be an honest assessment of either poor performance or a runaway success. Be sure to Google the New Orleans caterer you wish to hire and look at their reviews.  This will give you a better idea if they’ll be a good fit for your upcoming in-home event.

Work with your caterer to determine the number of staff needed.

A good rule of thumb is that two servers are needed for every thirty guests in a buffet service arrangement.  For sit down plated meals, you’ll need at least one server for every two eight-top tables.  If you’re also providing an open bar, most events require one bartender and one bar-back for every 50 guests.  You might need additional bar staff if you’re providing signature drink stations. (   Full-service catering pros like those at Messina’s Catering and Events can help you determine the right amount of staff for your event based on the number of guests and the size of your home.

Once you make the decision to cater your in-home party, relax. 

Let the caterer do the heavy lifting when it comes to food and drink served at your next in-home event.  That will leave you with more time to enjoy having friends and family in your home for an unforgettable and tasty good time. Also, don’t forget what might be the best reason of all—the clean-up.  Everything your caterer arrives with, they’ll leave with, so you can put your feet up and bask in the glow of a great time that was had by all (including you).


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