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9 Ways To Make Coffee a Star of Your Catering Event

At any event, whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a gala, coffee is always present. Often as an after-dinner treat, coffee can be served from a bar or by catering servers.  However it’s served, coffee is a requirement at any catered event.  But why not take it up a notch?  After all, it’s loved and adored by almost everyone.  Here we provide some tips for taking your service to the next level and making sure it is something your guests rave about long after your special event.

Customized Coffee Sleeves

Most coffee shops have them for paper coffee cups…those cardboard sleeves that slide over the cup to protect your hands from the heat.  Rather than just being functional, consider having custom sleeves printed. Sleeves can be monogrammed with the couple’s name for weddings, it can be customized with a mission statement for fundraisers or it can be sold as a sponsorship at corporate events.

Pour Over Coffees

Manual coffee-making methods are becoming increasingly popular.  The idea being that each variable in the brewing process can be controlled, thus creating a cup that’s exactly suited to one’s preferences.  Create an interactive coffee experience for catering guests by having a barista demonstrate pour over coffee brewing.  This will give guests something to talk about and photograph.


Self-Service Keurig Bar

Looking for a streamlined, but unique approach to coffee service? Create a self-serve table stocked with a few Keurig machines and various k-cup flavors.  Provide mix-ins like sugar cubes, cinnamon sticks and chocolate.  This will allow guests to create their own caffeinated favorite, plus guests can chat while they wait for their brew.

Topped Lattes

There’s nothing more elegant when it comes to it than a beautiful design on the top of a foamy latte.  Consider having a barista sprinkle the bride and groom’s new initials, or a company logo on the top of a steamy latte.  This can be done with cinnamon or chocolate powder and gives the coffee an elegant, customized look.

Flavored Syrups

Provide guests with the opportunity to craft their own custom coffee by providing a variety of flavored syrup bottles.  The right syrup added to the right drink can take the drinking experience to a new level.  Syrup flavors can include French vanilla, hazelnut, salted caramel, and chocolate.

Espresso Pick-Me-Ups

Provide catering guests with a quick jolt to keep them going!  Offer small espresso shots as a pre-party or mid-party pick-me-up.  Espressos can either be served passed, or from stations with beautiful vintage espresso machines.  Either way, they are perfect for a quick caffeine boost and will help keep the party going! (Ambien)

Coffee Cocktails

At the end of the evening, many guests could use a caffeine boost.  Enter cocktails!  More than just traditional Irish Coffee, coffee cocktail options can include espresso martinis, hot white Russians, Old Fashioneds, and Kahlua and coffee.  Want to take it a step further?  Serve your coffee cocktails with a warm cookie garnish!


Coffee and Donut Combination

Coffee and Donuts are soul mates, and make one of the best combos ever invented.  This combination makes a great dessert treat, or a midnight snack to keep the party going.  Rather than traditional donuts, consider spearing donut holes with wood stir sticks and placing them on the rim or inside the cup for a beautiful presentation.

Custom Mugs

Want something guests can take home with them to remember the event?  Create customized mugs for your event complete with the name of the event, or the bride and groom’s name, or a company logo.  These mugs then become keepsakes and can remind guests of the great time they had and the delicious coffee!

Catering Must Have

You know coffee is something that is a must for your event.  Might as well have some fun with it!  There are tons of great ways to serve it, these are just a few of our favorite tips.  We even get great ideas from our catering customers!  Oftentimes they’ll bring us a photo from a blog or Pinterest and want to replicate the idea for their event.  We love that kind of creativity and challenge!

Whatever way you choose to serve coffee, your caterer should be able to provide you with ideas and examples of creative ideas they have implemented.  Messina’s Catering and Events has been catering to the New Orleans community since 1961, when we started as a family restaurant.  Since then we have grown to cater large festivals, corporate events, private residence events, weddings, crawfish boils, Mardi Gras coronations, balls and debutante events.  We have provided catering services to some of the most prestigious events and people in the New Orleans area.  We are still family-owned, and love working with our clients to implement their creative visions!

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