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Catered Holiday Party

Why You Should Hire a Caterer for Your Holiday Party

The holidays are an exciting and busy time—emphasis on the busy part. Most of us have many gifts to buy, lots of wrapping, other parties to attend, and traditions to uphold. For many, friends and family are arriving from out-of-town, turning the holidays into not only a one-day event but a multiple-day stay. All of this can add to the fun but also to the pressure of pulling off the perfect and most memorable (for all the right reasons) holiday season.

The one thing you shouldn’t stress over this holiday season is whether or not you should hire a caterer for your holiday party. Whether for a large extended family or a thank-you to a large corporate staff and their spouses, holiday parties can add much more to your plate than is already calling for your attention. Hosting your event at a special event venue or hiring a professional caterer to host the party in your home is the best way to alleviate that stress and throw the most unforgettable holiday event for many reasons.

Holiday Catering Menu

Choosing an In-Home Catered Event or New Orleans Venue

In-Home Catered Event
Sometimes, the perfect place to host your next catered event is right under your nose – at home. Your home’s warm and inviting atmosphere can create the ideal cozy/chic holiday party setting. Messina’s can help you plan the outstanding holiday catering menu and event details to ensure you can spend time with your guests instead of spending it in the kitchen. In-home catering is the perfect solution to carefree event planning. From an intimate sit-down dinner in your dining room to a cocktail party with passed hors d’oeuvres, a full-service caterer can do it all inside your home.

The available space and number of guests are essential to consider when planning an in-home catered event. Your kitchen might be just fine for cooking meals for your family and friends or smaller dinner parties, but if the gathering is larger than you usually host, you’ll need to walk through your kitchen with your caterer to determine what they can serve from that space. If you want a chef’s action station, you’ll need to find the right place to set that up to keep the event flowing. Your caterer will also need space to park their catering vehicles, such as a kitchen van or panel truck, and for service staff to accessibly set up and tear down. If needed, you will also need to account for rented items like tables, chairs, and table linens in your budget.

New Orleans Event Venue
Celebrate the holidays with an outstanding party at one of several exquisite New Orleans venues. If you plan on fewer guests, consider Batture Bistro + Bar. This venue is ideally laid out best for intimate gatherings of 70 people or less and offers unique catering space opportunities not found in other French Quarter venues. For larger groups, consider choosing Messina’s at the Terminal for your holiday party venue. Impeccably restored to its original grandeur, the Art-Deco two-story Lakefront Airport open atrium is encased in marble and granite. The terrazzo floor features an inlaid center compass as well as airport designs. Your guests will feel appreciated as they are wined and dined with craft cocktails and Messina’s five-star cuisine. Want a party with a view? The Rooftop on Basin offers breathtaking views of the New Orleans skyline and is perfect for groups of all sizes.

Don’t forget to take into account the logistics. Are several of your guests driving to the event? If this is the case, on-site parking accessibility is something to consider when choosing an event venue. Remember that the venue you love may not be the right size for your event. No matter how gorgeous an event space is, it won’t result in a positive guest experience if guests are cramped. Conversely, having too few guests in an ample space will make your guests feel awkward. Pricing is also another important consideration when it comes to guest count. (Messinascatering) Some venues may have a food and beverage minimum spend you must meet. This will dictate what you can serve based on your budget and preferences.

Batture Bistro + Bar Holiday Party

It All Starts and Ends with the Food

The holidays are a time to indulge. Thus, most New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss or getting in shape. With a professional caterer, you can be assured that the food you’re offering your guests is of the utmost quality, inventively prepared, and delightfully decadent. Equally important, caterers are experts at safe food handling practices, which brings the added peace of mind that none of your guests will regret their food choices later in the night.

You don’t want to be limited in the menu items your offer. Caterers like Messina’s Catering & Events have a virtually limitless repertoire of seasonal dishes that they can add to the menu item, as well as regional and locally sourced seafood and vegetables to give your guests the freshest, most flavorful variety to indulge in.

Keeping with the indulgence of the holidays, a professionally catered event can be capped off with elaborate coffee and after-dinner drinks and a mouth-watering array of desserts served in single-serve portions for easy take-and-enjoy options.

Festive Holiday Dessert

Leave the Clean-Up to the Caterer

Anyone who’s ever hosted a gathering of any size knows that the most challenging part isn’t the planning, figuring out the invite list, or choosing a venue. The hardest part is the clean-up—especially for events with more than 25 attendees. Clean-up doesn’t just happen at the end of the event; it’s ongoing throughout the evening as dishes are cleared, empty glasses are removed from tables, and food is replenished with new serving platters or single-serve portions on trays. All of this requires teamwork and legwork, and no one is better equipped for it than your catering staff. (Sematext) Even more important, you get to have a good time without dreading the extra hours you’ll need to remain after the last guests leave to clean up.

Keep Your Focus on the Party

Whether you’re entertaining clients and prospects, a chapter of a local organization, hosting a family gathering, or celebrating a non-profit’s donor base, hiring a professional caterer gives you the ability to mix, mingle, and thoroughly enjoy the evening without being encumbered by duties and being called away to complete tasks better left to others. A caterer gives you the luxury of focusing entirely on your guests and the festivities and makes it as enjoyable for you as it is for your attendees.

We Can Help You Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

At Messina’s Catering & Events, we’ve been helping individuals and companies celebrate the season in fantastic ways for over 60 years. That’s many holiday seasons. Let us share our experience with you to make your holiday event perhaps the best gift you give all season. To learn more, visit

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