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Comfort Food

Ways to Incorporate Comfort Food into your Catering Menu

Let’s face it. While we all love the light bite of a swanky canapé, some events call for some savory and delicious comfort foods. To ensure your guests don’t stop at the nearest drive-through after your event, satisfy and impress them with some comfort food selections sprinkled into your catering menu. Not only are these comfort foods gussied up for the occasion, they are quite the current catering trend. They also suit any theme and will leave your guests raving about the food. (jumpermedia)  Here are a few trendy comfort food suggestions provided by Messina’s Catering and Events which are perfect for your next event menu.


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? When crafted down to bite size portions, the sandwich becomes the slider, and a delicious piece of art is born. While the standard burger sliders are rave-worthy, impress your guests with Mini BBQ-Pulled Pork Biscuits. Plated or passed, these succulent sliders present beautifully and fill spectacularly. To warm your guests’ spirits, consider Grilled Cheese Squares with Tomato Bisque Shooters – fun, fancy, and creamy. A local New Orleans’ favorite, Messina’s serves up Mini Muffuletta Sandwiches. These beauties are made of a spicy Creole olive salad with an assortment of meats and cheeses. (tramadol) They are the perfect addition to jazz up the occasion.

Fried Faves

Fried = comfort. Just the familiar smell of crunchy, fried foods will have guests’ mouths watering. Instant happiness can be found in favorites like chicken and waffles. Hand-held portions of this American, soul food classic can be customized to your liking. Crispy fried chicken bites nestled between your choice of waffle flavors like classic buttermilk, hearty sweet potato, fruity blueberry, or luscious red velvet. Look for creative drizzles, such as Messina’s pecan sauce.  For your seafood lovers, fried shrimp is sure to please. Whether battered with coconut, panko or cornmeal, fried shrimp is typically the first menu item devoured. To keep in line with sophisticated fare, a favorite among Messina’s Catering clients is BBQ Fried Oysters. The multiple textures and hint of BBQ, served on individual porcelain spoons, impresses and delights.

Comfort Food


No comfort food mention is complete without the inclusion of potatoes or mac ‘n cheese.  And, fries never go out of style! Up their sophistication by having your caterer serve hand cut truffle fries, Cajun spiced, or cinnamon sprinkled. Plain fries can also be fancified by serving them up with individual sauces like garlic mayo, siracha ketchup or cheese curds. Messina’s Catering features a Mashed Potato or Mac N’ Cheese Martini Bar.  Here, whipped Idaho red potatoes or three cheese baked macaroni is served in martini glasses. Guests then choose their own toppings including bacon, andouille, Italian sausage, shrimp, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, sour cream, green onions, caramelized onions, mushrooms, pico, truffle oil, fig balsamic reduction and mushroom gravy.


While the standard crème brûlée and chocolate mousse are indeed delicious dessert selections, have your guests feel the love of home with artisanal doughnuts. Happy, colorful and filled with fresh ingredients, doughnuts are the ultimate comfort food. Similarly, go for southern charm with a beignet bar. Beignets, similar to fritters, are deep fried treasures of dough that are often dusted with powdered sugar. Toppings for a beignet bar can include fresh fruits, chocolate and candied bacon to name a few.  Our Messina’s Catering clients also love our baby pancakes station featuring buttermilk pancakes with strawberry cayenne compote and prosciutto pancakes with fig, walnut and gorgonzola. Don’t forget the syrup!

Comfort Food


The comfort food trend has made special events even more special. Who wouldn’t want to hop on board this trendy train?  With food being a key component of successful events, incorporating comfort menu items ensures that your catering menu will be all the rave.  The presentation of these menu items keeps sophistication intact, and guests feeling full. Whether it is BBQ, mac ‘n cheese, or doughnuts, your caterer can work with you to customize comfort foods perfect for your occasion. Messina’s Catering and Events has been serving spectacular events for over 58 years. Take a look at our menus or visit our blog page for more catering trends and ideas.

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