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Think Small to Make a Big Impact at Your Next Catered Event

We all know the saying “good things come in small packages”.  This definitely rings true in catering!  Miniature foods are a great way to amp-up visual impact and give your guests more to talk about than the standard passed apps.  Whether the theme of your menu focuses on Americana classics, or exotic flavors from afar, miniature foods add drama to any event.

Just about any dish can be miniaturized

Award-winning caterers like Messina’s Catering & Events love a challenge!  Anything can be miniaturized. (Messinascatering)   Craving a beautiful summer gourmet strawberry shortcake?  Check out Messina’s Ponchatoula Strawberry Shortcake spoons.

Ponchatoula Strawberry Shortcake spoon

Fresh caprese salad with pesto dressing

Fresh caprese salad with pesto dressing

Savory grilled cheese and tomato soup

Savory grilled cheese and tomato soup

Layered banana pudding

Layered banana pudding

The only limit is your imagination!

Make the container part of the fun

Think beyond the skewer or the standard passed serving tray of food.  A big part of the visual excitement is the dish the mini foods are served in!

How about cones of fresh hot fries

cones of fresh hot fries

Or delicate martini glasses of strawberry spinach salad

martini glasses of strawberry spinach salad

Think REALLY small 

Love deviled eggs?  Add an unexpected flair by serving deviled quail eggs for a miniaturized and gourmet version of this party mainstay.  Small brioche rolls make the perfect vehicle for mini buttery, sweet lobster rolls.  Even red raspberries stuffed with a single white chocolate chip can be a dramatic and tasty addition to any miniature food catered menu.

deviled quail eggs

Don’t forget to downsize the libations, too

Miniature drinks can go far beyond the usual shots of liquor.  Consider pairing drinks options to your food menu.  That way guests get just the right amount of both, and with complementing flavors.

Maybe you are serving mini street tacos…serve them alongside a Mexican craft beer shot.  Serve a mini glass of sangria alongside a mini paella cup.

The same rule applies for desserts.  Maybe you’re serving mini tiramisu, consider a shot of Grand Marnier to accompany.  Champagne pairs beautifully with mini crepes for a shower, and Irish coffee is a nice accompaniment to bread pudding.

Miniaturized food and paired drinks allow guests to sample many flavors without overstuffing, or over-imbibing.

mini cocktails

Love the idea of going small, but not a huge fan of the prep work?

First and foremost, we eat with our eyes.  And making small foods as beautiful in their presentation as they are to eat is definitely an acquired skill.  The preparation can be time-consuming, and time might be the thing you have the least amount of when planning a catered event. (   New Orleans caterers like Messina’s Catering and Events are experts in preparing and displaying visually stunning miniature dishes. They can also help you consider the venue and structure of your event for best flow and menu.  They have six decades of experience in preparing and presenting food that is both visually and culinarily appealing.

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