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Themed Weddings

Want to make your big day uniquely your own? Themed weddings are a great way to do just that and can provide the perfect palette for creating an unforgettable event. Having a theme to guide you can help you decide on everything from the color of your bridesmaid dresses to the food and drink your caterer will serve. While this is undoubtedly trending for 2022, At Messina’s Catering and Events, we’ve been helping couples host themed weddings for more than six decades. Some of our most popular wedding themes are paired with the perfect New Orleans wedding venues.

A Bohemian Wedding Theme

The courtyard at Soulet Muse, located in the heart of New Orleans’ Garden District, is the perfect backdrop for a Bohemian-themed wedding. These Boho events have a way of looking chic and laid-back at the same time. They’re casual and comfortable with an inventive, natural color scheme found in the gardens. Think of sunset colors, sky blue, and natural textures and patterns. Boho weddings are an excellent opportunity to match wedding party attire that showcases everyone’s individual style while working well together. Choose wispy and wild blooms for floral arrangements, like pressed palms, baby’s breath, or pampas grass. (Ultram) Forego the traditional cake topper and use fresh flowers instead. Food should be served in natural and casual platters arranged in multiple tiers for an eclectic feel. (tramadol)

Messina's wedding at Soulet Muse

An Art Deco Day

Few places in New Orleans scream Art Deco more loudly than the opulent Lakefront Airport terminal. An Art Deco-themed wedding can be easily embellished in glitzy surroundings with feather accents and lots of gold and sparkling elements for a true jazz-age-inspired celebration. The Art Deco period was an incredible time in history. The 20s were roaring, jazz was born, and flappers took the world by storm with their daring fashion sense and dance moves. Art Deco weddings often feature large swing-style bands, short dresses with lots of beading, and vintage cars to carry the newlyweds away and into their new lives together.

Messina's wedding at the Lakefront Airport

Holiday-Themed Weddings

Holidays naturally lend themselves to colors, food, music, and attire. With added sparkling fir garlands, festive red ribbons, and a breathtaking view of the Crescent City skyline, The Rooftop on Basin is perfect for a winter wedding. Holiday-infused motifs offer virtually limitless options for both you and your wedding caterer. Think pink and hearts for Valentine’s Day with chocolates and champagne fountains, pumpkins and corn stalks for a Fall celebration where butternut squash bisque is served, or fireworks and a sparkler send-off for a wedding on the Fourth of July after feasting on barbecue shrimp and pulled pork sliders.

Messina's wedding at the Rooftop on Basin

Perhaps the Best Theme of all is a New Orleans-Themed Wedding

We might be a little partial, but New Orleans offers a rich tapestry of culture, history, food, and entertainment and many ideal ventures for the ultimate New Orleans-style wedding. We can help you channel all the style and excitement of the Big Easy, craft the perfect menu, and suggest venues like the Chateau LeMoyne. It’s just steps from Bourbon Street and Jackson Square and steeped in history. Add a second line and parade to festively lead your guests from the ceremony to the reception in true New Orleans fashion.

Need Help Planning Your Themed Wedding

Our top-notch team at Messina’s can make your wedding catering complement the theme you’ve always dreamed of. From extraordinary menu options, table settings, and food staging to lively spirits bars and inventive chef stations, we can tailor the catering menu to fit your unique tastes and budget while still giving your wedding its uniquely themed character. Learn more by visiting

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