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Sequel Weddings: Now Celebrate “We Did”!

Covid-19 put many events on the waiting list for 2020 and early 2021.  But for couples who were eager to commit their love to one another, many opted to go ahead with their wedding plans–often before a Justice of the Peace or by eloping rather than professing their love before a large and loving crowd of family and friends.

For those of you who have said your vows and then entered into matrimonial quarantine bliss, now is the time to plan the post-wedding celebration.  Some call it a “happily ever after party” rather than a wedding reception, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate your marriage after the fact.

Maybe two weddings are better than one

The Knot first coined the term “sequel wedding” in 2019.  A sequel wedding is when a couple has multiple ceremonies.  Typically, the first is a more intimate wedding such as a micro wedding or elopement.  The second involves a grand reception. (Phentermine)   In early 2020, that term gained more traction as couples scrambled to figure out what to do next during the pandemic and more importantly, when it would be safe to do so.  Sequel weddings allowed the original planned celebration to continue, just narrowed down to those in your quarantine bubble or via Zoom in some cases.  They are designed to then be followed by a much grander affair, giving brides not only the chance to done that dreamy dress twice, but also inviting others to share in their joy when it is safe to do so.

The Crescent City offers plenty of charm for hosting your wedding: part two

There are many venues that provide open-air reassurance as restrictions ease.  Venues like the Rooftop on Basin, which is just half a mile from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, is perched above the Basin St. Station on the fourth floor.  It offers breathtaking views of downtown New Orleans and is directly above New Orleans’ most exciting new boutique hotel, The Brakeman Hotel.  The “loading dock” at Batture Bistro + Bar offers the perfect indoor/outdoor experience with floor to ceiling nano walls that open up to the French Quarter.   Venues like these allow couples to host a gloriously traditional alfresco affair highlighted by signature drinks and mouth-watering New Orleans cuisine.  Likewise, the New Orleans Lakefront Airport offers a romantic, art-deco setting on a terrace overlooking Lake Pontchartrain.

Sequel weddings often don’t come with the stress of a traditional wedding

It’s no secret that planning and executing the perfect wedding day can be stressful;  It can involve family drama, a lot of pressure leading up to the big day, and a big investment to make everything come off flawlessly.  Planning your reception or a sequel wedding after you actual legally become married partners can help you spread out the anxiety, the rushed feelings, and the costs.  You can also forego a lot of the pressures of etiquette and expectations from a traditional wedding, and enjoy all the trimmings of the celebration of your dreams.


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An experienced New Orleans caterer can help you plan the ideal follow-up to your private wedding ceremony

A full-service caterer like Messina’s can help you plan the perfect menu inspired by a theme, your preferences, the season, or whatever you feel would best celebrate your union – just like they’ve been doing since 1961. Learn more by visiting  They’ll help you craft the perfect celebration for saying “we did. (frogbones) ”

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