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NACE October Mixer at The Exchange: A Fun-Filled Pickleball Extravaganza!

Read over a few the highlights from the NACE October Mixer, Dink & Drink, at The Exchange! Messina’s Catering and Events brings you an exciting event recap, filled with pickleball, networking, and mouthwatering sports-bar style bites. Join us as we delve into the action-packed evening that brought professionals together for a memorable experience!


NACE stands for the National Association of Catering & Events! At the NACE New Orleans Chapter’s October Mixer, Dink & Drink, attendees had the unique opportunity to learn from a professional pickleball coach at The Exchange- Pickleball + Bar. This added an exciting twist to the event, enabling members to refine their pickleball skills and gain valuable insights from an expert in the game. Whether a beginner or a seasoned player, this was the perfect chance to embrace the joy of pickleball and enhance playing techniques.


Beyond the competitive spirit on the pickleball court, the mixer offered an excellent platform for networking and building connections. Engaging in friendly banter during a game or chatting over a delectable spread of food, attendees expanded their professional network. This event fostered a sense of camaraderie and community among like-minded individuals, providing an ideal setting for meaningful connections in catering & events.


The NACE October Mixer brought together people in the event industry for some thrilling and friendly competition. The electric atmosphere, filled with cheers, laughter, and high-fives, made the Exchange Pickleball + Bar the perfect location to host!


Everyone enjoyed the spread of classic sports-bar style bites catered by us! From crowd-fave chicken wings to mouthwatering sliders, the menu catered to every taste bud, serving up delicious fuel to keep everyone energized from their pickleball adventure. These bites were showcased as something customers can enjoy when reserving their private events at The Exchange. 


The NACE October Mixer at The Exchange was an enjoyable blend of pickleball excitement, networking opportunities, and mouthwatering bites. Overall, this event hosted like-minded professionals who all ditched their business attire for tennis shoes for a game of pickleball and networking! Stay tuned for more exciting events from NACE as Messina’s Catering and Events continues to be a proud member!

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