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Disposable Elegance: Single-Use Dinnerware Has Upped Its Game

Matching elegance with efficiency isn’t always easy to do. But with the right sourcing and creative inspiration, it can be achieved for your next catered event.

  For those seeking elegance with the ease of quick cleanup, consider disposable dinner wear that blends seamlessly with the event.  Disposable dinnerware has come a long way from its humble beginnings as the flimsy paper plate, now earning a place at even the chic events.

  From gold rimmed tumblers to vintage pattered plates, disposable dinnerware now comes in many colors, designs, and patterns, and can add a stylish touch that won’t break the budget or hinder clean up.

Choose a color to fit the theme

Disposable dinnerware manufacturers offer a variety of color schemes including primaries, pastels, clear and earthy wood looks.  From elegant golds and silvers for formal events, to soft blushes for showers, and natural wood finishes for garden parties, the possibilities abound.  In short, there’s no need to sacrifice visual impact for convenience and safety.

catering disposable dinnerware

Patterns and textures galore

Think you will just be stuck with that solid plastic feel? Think again!  Many disposable dinnerware sets mimic porcelain and crystal.  There are silver plates with elegant lace accents, and classic patterns to add distinction to an event.

catering disposable dinnerware

Don’t forget the drinks

Skip the dishwashing and risk of broken glassware and serve your drinks in disposable cups.  From disposable champagne flutes and recyclable paper straws to disposable wine glasses and tumblers, guests will feel the theme of the event continued seamlessly from the food through to the bar. (

There are lots of eco-friendly options, too

Biodegradable and compostable options allow you to feel confident that you’re doing right by the environment if you so choose.  Choose from eco-friendly plates, bowls, flatware, utensils, and even straws.  These materials are made from palm leaf, sugarcane or bamboo, and they have a wonderful natural feel.

bamboo catering disposable dinnerware

What happens to disposable dinnerware once it lands in the trash?

While petroleum-based disposables do take a long time to break down in a landfill, the good news is that many of today’s disposable dinnerware products are also recyclable.  For many, the trade-off between the water saved from avoiding the dishwasher, and the time saved from cleaning, disposable makes it worth the extra effort to use and then recycle.

Messina’s Catering can help you find just the right disposable place settings for your next catered event

New Orleans caterers like Messina’s Catering and Events are experts in preparing and displaying visually stunning dishes that can fit any theme. They have six decades of experience in preparing and presenting food both visually and culinarily appealing, especially on disposable dinnerware.  Presentation is always key.

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