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Chic Food on a Stick

Chic Food on a Stick

If you’re looking for info about corndogs or chicken kabobs, you’ve come to the wrong blog.  Here we focus on epicurean and artful foods to serve on a stick.  Catering menu items on a skewer have become the ultimate go-to for pretty, easy small bites that are as pretty to assemble as they are fun to consume.   They’re the pinnacle of party foods.  Not only do ingredients strung together on a skewer allow your caterer to create unique flavor combinations, but they also highlight color, texture, and often sweet and savory in one delicious hand-held appetizer. 

Skewered Foods Are an Easy Way to Feed a Crowd

To simplify your next catered event, consider serving foods on skewers.  Not only do they allow for better portion control than a buffet, but they also allow you to offer your guests a wide array of taste sensations.  We love skewered foods because they enable us to take our time to artfully assemble them in advance, so they are ready to be finished and served upon arrival for off-site catering events.  They’re fun for guests and time-savers for service staff.  They also help reduce food waste at the end of the event.

Grilled Shrimp Skewer

Skewered Foods Offer Lots of Creativity from Your Caterer

Whether it’s fruit skewers and pound cake that we throw on a grill to finish or caprese salad skewers with fresh basil, mozzarella balls, and cherry tomatoes, just about any food combination can be assembled for visual and flavor impact.  Meats lend themselves well to being skewered and cooked, like grilled barbecue shrimp, chicken satay, or beef kabobs. Pork belly, a succulent treat that’s denser than chops or tenderloin, works well when skewered and absorbs the spices and glazes beautifully.   You can even serve grilled pizza kabobs with soft pizza dough, melty mozzarella, green and red peppers, and tangy tomato sauce weaved onto a stick and baked. 

Cold-Skewered Menu Items are Ideal for a Brunch or a Mid-Day Affair

Think smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber bites or prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe with white grapes and fresh mint.  These types of skewers are light and fresh, and satisfying.  Gouda and peach skewers with fresh thyme are delightful for a daytime event.

Don’t Forget the Drink Pairing

Each skewered item can be paired with a complementary sip to add a unique touch.  The aforementioned daytime options can pair nicely with different beverages.  The smoked salmon bites go well with a shot of espresso.  The prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe can be complemented with champagne, and the gouda and peach skewers are delightful with a sparkling rosé. 

Salmon Skewer

Go a Little Heavier on the Skewer Offerings for Evening Gatherings

Skewers like Mexican steak with avocado salsa Verde or pineapple barbecue chicken are a good fit for events held later in the day, especially those where the small bites are served in lieu of a plated or buffet service.  At Messina’s, some of our clients’ perennial favorites are our chicken kabobs, meatballs, bacon-wrapped scallops, and blackened alligator bites.   

Steak Skewer

Food on Skewers Lends Itself to Maximum Versatility

You can really mix things up when serving catering menu items on skewers.  You can offer Vegan dishes as well as gluten-free items.  You can also easily mix sweet and savory, as well as fruits and vegetables, bread, cheeses, and meat.  The possibilities are virtually endless. Plus, there is a wide variety of skewers themselves for different looks.  Of course, bamboo is usually the first skewer option that comes to mind, but there are also metal skewers, bamboo paddle skewers, and skewers with unique handle designs. 

As an Experienced New Orleans Caterer, Messina’s Can Help You Incorporate Skewers When Planning Your Customized Catering Menu 

A full-service caterer like Messina’s can help you plan the perfect menu inspired by a theme, your preferences, the season, or whatever you feel would be the best fit for your event and adapt it to be skewer-friendly. Learn more by visiting

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