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Catering and Event Planning for a Micro Weddings

Bigger isn’t always better! Many couples are choosing to wed in small, intimate celebrations, known as micro weddings. The definition of a micro wedding can vary depending on who you talk to, but it typically includes anywhere from 5 to 50 guests. These types of weddings tend to fall somewhere in between eloping and a

9 Top Trends to Discuss with your Wedding Caterers

Trends evolve year after year, which keeps things fun and fresh! We like to think that trends don’t replace each other, they build on each other year after year. That means that each year, the roster of available wedding ideas grows and grows! One of the overarching trends we love is the level of customization

Catering and Event Spaces with a View

Whether choosing an indoor or outdoor catering and event space, the view can make a big difference! A picturesque view offers its own characteristics that help to define a special event! Plus, it’s nice to offer your guests something enjoyable to look at and experience during the event. From rooftop terraces to mountainside retreats and